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  • Statement on Hong Kong Demonstrations

    Statement on Hong Kong Demonstrations

    Wednesday, 01 October 2014


    For immediate release

    Chinese for Labour remains deeply concerned regarding the current situation in Hong Kong.
    We cherish the longstanding links between the UK and Hong Kong and are committed to the "one country, two systems" formula.
    We believe that under the Sino-British Joint Declaration it is important for Hong Kong to preserve the fundamental rights and freedoms, including the right to demonstrate, for Hong Kong people to exercise them peacefully within the law.
    With so many British-Chinese people with friends and family (as well as UK ex-pats) in Hong Kong we hope for their safety and security.

    人民公敵下台 化解政治危機

    黎則奮 政治經濟學





  • Racial slurs and stereotypes will damaged Britain’s global role

    Racial slurs and stereotypes will damaged Britain’s global role

    Saturday, 27 September 2014

    Chinese for Labour’s Chair, Sonny Leong CBE spoke during the Labour Party Conference debate on Britain’s Global Role said Clarkson's use of the world "slope" to describe an Asian man breached the broadcasting code but did not fall foul of equality laws as creative decisions are given an exemption.

  • ONE NATION ECONOMY : Lessons and Opportunities from China

    ONE NATION ECONOMY : Lessons and Opportunities from China

    Friday, 29 August 2014

    ONE NATION ECONOMY: Lessons and Opportunities from China

    • Monday 22nd Sep 2014 from 6.00 pm
    • Pacific Restaurant, 58-60 George Street, Manchester M1 4HF
    • Food and refreshments provided
  • I’m voting NO

    I’m voting NO

    Monday, 18 August 2014

    We wanted to take this opportunity to write to you about the independence referendum on September 18th.

    This is the biggest decision that people in Scotland will have to take in over 300 years and we need to get it right for the sake of our economy and our families.


  • Strategic Planning and Housing Crisis: the Sino-British Tales

    Strategic Planning and Housing Crisis: the Sino-British Tales

    Thursday, 18 September 2014

    We have slowly climbed out from the longest and deepest recession since the publication of comparable data in 1955. The dominant news headlines have also returned to the pre-recession favourites – the strong rising house price trends, especially in London and the South East. Figures from the second quarter of 2014 show that the average UK house price is around £186,000, but over £400,000 in London; which represents an 11.5% annual increase for the country and a big leap of over 25% in London. Considering the average starting salary for graduates is around £20,000 and slightly more in London, it is not a surprise that there is major ‘housing affordability’ crisis in this country.

  • A Labour Government will tackle the Housing Crisis

    A Labour Government will tackle the Housing Crisis

    Thursday, 18 September 2014

    Tackling the housing shortage will be one of the next Labour government’s top priorities.

    That’s because for many people the dream of home ownership is slipping out of reach. Under this government, home ownership is at its lowest level since the 1980s. That should be no surprise, when it is presiding over the lowest level of house building in peacetime since the 1920s.

  • We need a sustainable private rented sector

    We need a sustainable private rented sector

    Thursday, 18 September 2014

    Since the last time UK voters went to the polls, a huge shift in the landscape of British society has become clear. For a country that has long taken home ownership for granted, the number of people who are able to afford it has been falling. As a result, the number of people stuck renting from private landlords has doubled in the past decade.

  • Why does older people housing matter for all of us?

    Why does older people housing matter for all of us?

    Thursday, 18 September 2014

    Age UK has recently published its 'Housing in Later Life' report looking at some of the key issues affecting the housing choices available to all of us as we get older. This coincides with a number of important policy developments including the announcement of a new accessibility standard for all newly built homes, an increased focus on the deployment of adaptations services to help older people live independently, the Care Act 2014 placing greater emphasis on the role of housing in the delivery of health and social care, and calls for a dramatic increase in the supply of retirement housing to extend the options available to older people.


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